The 2016 edition is over. Deep Learning conference will be back next year.

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Conference Highlights

India's first Deep Learning conference brings together pioneers in the field from places like the Indian Institute of Science, IIT Guwahati, NVIDIA and Mad Street Den - researchers advancing current understanding as well as engineers developing new products based on Deep Learning. Participants will acquire insight into the most promising advances in computer vision, medical imaging, general healthcare, chat bots used in conversational search, slot-filling and AI. Researchers will exhibit original advances in associated fields like human pose estimation, stochastic depth and libraries such as Espresso. Industry participation includes a session on advances in GPU computation, how-tos and use cases by NVIDIA for their latest GPU dev tools.


Editorial Panel

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Editorial Panel: Ashwin Kumar, Bargava Subramanian, Nischal HP, Raghotham S and Zainab Bawa.

HasGeek Team: Anish TP, Beli Bopaiah, Hari C M, Jaya Lakshmi, Jyothsna Vinod, Kiran Jonnalagadda, Mak, Shreyas Satish, Vidya Ramakrishnan and Zainab Bawa.

A special thanks to all the volunteers. Anusanthya, Jithukrishnan S, Kavya Amakuri, Mithun T M, Mukesh M, Prajwal Kail, Rahul Rayaprolu, Rahul Venugopal, Shyam G Krishnan, Ujjwal kumar, Vamshi Palreddy and Varsha D.

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