Hacknight: Data in Healthcare

Unleash the power of data and innovation to improve health

09-10 June 2018, 05:00 PM - 10:00 AM, HasGeek House

Innovations powered by data are solving a wide range of issues faced by patients, hospitals and the healthcare industry overall. Recently, the Government of India has announced the Electronic Medical Records standard for private firms and hospitals to collect and store medical data of patients through interoperable mechanisms, and increased spending on healthcare budget.

This hacknight we want you to explore healthcare issues and build prototypes for problems using data. Your project could achieve one of the below objectives or you could come with something on your own:

  • To build solutions to offer cheap and better alternatives for standardised healthcare data collection.
  • To improve healthcare solutions for rare diseases and advanced detection of curable healthcare issues.
  • To improve management in hospitals with increased coordination between doctors and nursing staff.
  • To improve quality of life an average citizen using tools that address air pollution, clean water, better sanitation, etc.

Here is a compiled list of public datasets related to healthcare. Feel free to choose this or any other datasets which you know. If you find any relevant dataset missing in this list, send us a pull request.

Who should attend?

If you are a data enthusiast, machine learning expert, hardware ninja or anyone with data skills interested in exploring healthcare domain, you should be attending this hacknight.

Why attend?

Hacknights at HasGeek is a favourite among savvy geeks. Unlike regular quasi-social hackathons, our hacknights foster collaboration among developers who are truly passionate about building things. We bring in mentors from the community to hear out your project ideas and guide you when your mind hits a roadblock and no amount of coffee is seeming to help. Not convinced yet? Take a sneak peek into what happens at our hacknights by watching this video or read this post.

Also, munchies are on us!




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