Logistics in Mobility Conference

24 November, NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore

The Fifth Elephant presents the first edition of Logistics in Mobility Conference

Logistics in Mobility Conf 2018 is now over. For more events, check out hasgeek.com. View all the talks on HasGeek TV.

Logistics in Mobility conference will have Product managers, senior engineers and data scientists from different companies working in the domain of logistics and mobility. These experts and practitioners will talk about how they’re approaching the following challenges:

  • Managing uniqueness of address and location data in India in delivering goods.
  • Effectiveness and costs of using different maps APIs and services.
  • The role of internal and external facing visualizations to plan resources for logistics (and to prepare teams).
  • Use of ML and AI to solve problems in fleet management.
  • Fulfilling demand.
  • War stories in operations – and what are lessons to be learned in the interplay of technological solutions and human intent and planning.
  • Solving the problem of last mile connectivity.

Target Audience:

You should attend the conference if your work involves:

  • Product development for logistics.
  • Operational challenges with respect to logistics.
  • Solutions for on demand availability of vehicles to participate in a ridesharing networks.
  • Data science & Engineering for logistics and fleet management.
  • “Shared mobility” – including cab aggregators, car pooling, metros, buses, shuttles, etc
  • India-specific challenges in traffic management and congestion.
  • India-specific challenges with respect to address standardisation.
  • AI-based solutions in transportation space.

Format of the conference


The talks are on how the problems were approached and how they might affect use-cases. The goal is to facilitate problem-solving and ideation, while also promoting conversations around technical architecture and solutions.


Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions on problems to solve for last mile connectivity, war stories in operations will help you think of product approaches and ideas for your business. These include:

  • How location and address problems affect your use case? How have you approached these problems?
  • Comparing GIS map providers.
  • Solving last mile problems in logistics, fleet management and mobility.
  • Your use case and how you have approached the problem of supply chain, warehousing and demand fulfillment?
  • Operations War stories - where tech assits and where tech fails.

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