The Fifth Elephant 2018

The seventh edition of India's best conference on big data and machine learning.

26-27 July 2018, Bangalore

For The Fifth Elephant 2018, we are accepting talks on the following topics:

  1. Data engineering and architecture: tools, frameworks, infrastructure, architecture, case studies and scaling.
  2. Data science and machine learning: fundamentals, algorithms, streaming, tools, domain specific and data specific examples, case studies.
  3. The journey and challenges in building data driven products: design, data insights, visualisation, culture, security, governance and case studies.
  4. Talks around an emerging domain: such as IoT, finance, e-commerce, payments or data in government.

Proposals must specify the concrete takeaway(s) for the audience. We insist on actionable insights which will help practitioners in their work.

The sixth edition of The Fifth Elephant was held on 27 and 28 July 2017.

Watch conference videos here

You should attend and speak at The Fifth Elephant if your work involves:

  1. Engineering and architecting data pipelines.
  2. Building ML models, pipelines and architectures.
  3. ML engineering.
  4. Analyzing data to build features for existing products.
  5. Using data to predict outcomes.
  6. Using data to create / model visualizations.
  7. Building products with data – either as product managers or as decision scientists.
  8. Researching concepts and deciding on algorithms for analyzing datasets.
  9. Mining data with greater speed and efficiency.
  10. Developer evangelists and organizations that make developer tools and API for machine learning, full stack engineering, and data science.

Call for Proposals

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