The Fifth Elephant

We've had a great first day at the Fifth Elephant with some hiccups here and there. There were a few internet connectivity issues to start with which we managed to fix later in the day.

Kiran was also trying out his new AV rig in Auditorium 1 that not only allowed him to edit video live but to also upload it to YouTube the same day! You can find these videos on the HasGeek YouTube channel.

We also tried to livestream the videos from Auditorium 1 at With the internet issues sorted out now, you should be able to follow along on the channel today too.

We've recorded video from the other two auditoriums too, and will be editing and uploading those soon after the conference ends.

In other news, the official Twitter hashtag for the conference, #the5el was trending along with an unofficial one #5el and it got so popular that spammers began to piggy-back on it!