The Fifth Elephant

We had a quieter start at the registration desk because most people had already signed in on the first day and got their badges.

The talks on day 2 began with "Your Genome in the Cloud", a keynote by Ramesh Hariharan from Strand Life Sciences and was followed by a keynote on "Building Watson" by Karthik V from IBM.

Other talks covered things like the Aadhar project, Messaging Architecture in Facebook, and Exponetial Growth models which was received very well.

There were also speakers that spoke about big data in medical imaging, mobile analytics, recommendation engines, and data in retail banking and financial markets among others.

We also had a more active open house on day 2 with small groups forming to discuss MediaWiki efforts for Indic language support, OpenStreetMap enthusiasts gathering to talk about mapping and graphing data in general as well as a couple of demos that couldn't be run during regular talks for lack of time.

We ended the day with short introductions to up-coming HasGeek events Cartonama, JSFoo and Droidcon India.