The Fifth Elephant

We think there's an awesome slate of talks scheduled across the different tracks at the Fifth Elephant, but it's possible that there's some topics we've missed out, or an interesting discussion could get cut short by the speaker saying "let's take this offline." Maybe you've just begun an really interesting discussion with a couple of other attendees but you think it would interest a larger group. For these and other reasons, we've realized the need for a couple of "open house" sessions.

Typically we see the open house sessions as a relatively free discussion space, or where a few people can gather to give a short talk or two or discuss a session from the main event with some simple ground rules:

  1. The open houses will be gently moderated to allow many people to have a voice.
  2. That being said, we don't want an open house to turn into a session where we cram all the proposals that didn't make it to the main event.
  3. Open houses will not contain sponsor or product pitches.

The open house is scheduled from 2:15pm to 5:15pm on each day of the conference and located on Level 1 of the convention centre. We have a couple of white boards and cushions laid out near the Participant Lounge, come join us!