In 2013, commodity hardware and computing capacity for storing and processing large and small volumes of data are easily available on demand. The bigger issues pertain to questions of how to scale data processing, handle data diversity, manage infrastructure costs, decide which technologies work best for different contexts and problems, and build products from the insights and intelligence that the data is presenting to you.

The Fifth Elephant 2013 is a three-day workshop and conference on big data, storage and analytics, with product demos and hacker corners.

Schedule - 11th July (Workshops)
Schedule - 12th & 13th July (Conference)



  • Workshop

    July 11

    • Two parallel tracks of hands-on workshop sessions
    • Breakfast & Lunch

    Rs 1500 Sold Out!

  • Conference

    July 12 & 13

    • Two days of talks & discussions
    • Expo area & hacker corners
    • Breakfast & Lunch
    • Event party

    Rs 4000 Rs 3,000
    Save Rs 1,000 until July 11th

  • Corporate

    July 11, 12 & 13

    • Workshop (sold out!) + Conference
    • Event T-Shirt
    • Ticket sponsorship credit
    • Custom invoice

    Rs 6,000
    Available until July 9th

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Single day conference tickets for 12th & 13th will be available at the venue.

2012 Edition

  • 2 days
  • 3 tracks
  • 50 sessions
  • 600+ participants

Last year’s edition of The Fifth Elephant was the first conference in India which focused on big data and analytics.

The event brought together developers, researchers, scientists, analysts, CTOs, CEOs and academicians who took part in various discussions on big data infrastructure, analytics and application of technology for harnessing untapped potential of data.

Participants were exposed to some of the popular and emerging technology stacks for storing and processing big data. They learnt about programming languages and libraries available for producing compelling visualisations. In the analytics track, statisticians and analysts spoke about various tools and techniques for building business intelligence and telling stories with data. Overall, the first edition presented the multiple meanings and facets of big data to participants and helped them in understanding the emerging ecosystem.

The Fifth Elephant 2012 also brought together community and advocacy organisations such as The Centre for Internet and Society, The Internet Archive, Open Knowledge Foundation Network and Wikipedia India chapter to showcase the value of open data and community supported efforts in collecting and publishing public data. The presence of these organisations facilitated in answering participants’ questions about how to use big data for the benefit of society.



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