The Fifth Elephant 2019

25-26 July 2019, Bangalore

The eighth edition of India's best conference on big data and machine learning

The Fifth Elephant is a community of ML Engineers, data scientists, platform engineers and practitioners from the data ecosystem. The 2019 edition will be held in Bangalore on 25-26 July.

Our goal is to strengthen and grow this community by presenting talks, panels and Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions that present real insights about:

  1. Model management
  2. Building data pipelines
  3. Handling bad data and data sanity
  4. Applications of Data Science and ML in marketing, social media network analysis
  5. CloudOps for data science
  6. Deep Learning and ML platforms


The Fifth Elephant is a two-day conference with two tracks on each day.

Sessions at The Fifth Elephant are of the following formats:

  1. Full talks of 40 minutes.
  2. Crisp talks of 20 minutes.
  3. Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions on focussed topics / questions. A BoF is 60-90 minutes long and typically has up to four facilitators and one moderator.
  4. Workshops and tutorials of 1.5-6 hours duration on Machine Learning concepts and tools, full stack data engineering, and data science concepts and tools.
  5. Pre-events. Birds Of Feather (BOF) sessions, talks, and workshops for open houses and pre-events in Bangalore. Check out the pre events here: The Fifth Elephant events.

Proposal submissions for this edition are now closed. Submit proposals to our round-the-year space for consideration for future events.

View the proposals submitted this year: 2019 Proposals

Why you should attend?

  • Listen to talks for practitioners, by practitioners. Hear about failures and how you can learn from them.
  • Look for new opportunities in your career and network with some of the best ML engineers, data scientists, platform engineers and practitioners in the data ecosystem.
  • Find out more about the tools companies are using and learn how you can improve performance in your environment.
  • Attend Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions and discuss about failure stories, successes, journeys, hiring and building teams. BoF sessions are off the record, to enable free conversations.
  • Visit sponsor booths and check out the products/tools/services they are offering. Talk to folks directly from companies you find interesting.
  • Evangelise your product and tool among fellow attendees by debating merits, pitfalls, advantages and user stories.
  • Learn how to inculcate a data driven culture in your startup and when do you actually need to use data science.

Target audience

  1. Engineering and architecting data pipelines.
  2. Building ML models, pipelines and architectures.
  3. ML engineering.
  4. Analysing data to build features for existing products.
  5. Using data to predict outcomes.
  6. Using data to create / model visualisations.
  7. Building products with data – either as product managers or as decision scientists.
  8. Researching concepts and deciding on algorithms for analysing datasets.
  9. Mining data with greater speed and efficiency.
  10. Developer evangelists from organisations which want developers to use their APIs and technologies for machine learning, full stack engineering, and data science.

Contact details:

For more information about the conference, sponsorships, or any other information contact or call 7676332020.

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Highlights from The Fifth Elephant 2018

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