The Fifth Elephant is a community-powered conference on the big data ecosystem, covering the technology and its applications in a range of industries

Big Data

A perfect storm of commodity hardware, cloud infrastructure and open source software has made reams of data accessible to companies large and small. Explore the volume, velocity and variety of data processing possible today.


Lies, damned lies and statistics. Familiar? The truth in the data emerges from intelligent application of modeling techniques. Yet, how many of us really understand the coefficients in our regression analyses? Find out.


Reality is complex and multi-faceted. “What this means is that we shouldn’t abbreviate the truth but rather get a new method of presentation,” says Tufte. Learn to capture hearts and minds with a new paradigm of narrative design.


Industries like finance, media, technology, retail and healthcare consume and produce astronomical volumes of data. Hear their stories, challenges and opportunities, and share your own. 


Big Data and Decision Making - A free report 31 July 2012

The Economist Intelligence Unit and Capgemini have a report on how organisations are seeking to use data to make better business decisions.

Day 2 at The Fifth Elephant 31 July 2012

Day 2 at the Fifth Elephant was filled with some great talks from the business side of the big data ecosystem, a couple of active open house sessions and (we think) fewer connectivity issues!

Neo4j - The Graph Database 28 July 2012

Neo4j is a Graph Database that makes dealing with complex data much easier.

Day 1 at The Fifth Elephant 28 July 2012

Ups and downs (mostly the internet), live stream, hashtag spam and a great turn out on the first day of The Fifth Elephant.

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The Fifth Elephant features nearly 50 sessions over two days across three halls. Below is the final schedule. There is also an Open House held from 2:15pm to 5:15pm on Level 1.

Workshops were held one day prior (26 July) at CIS and TERI. 

Technologies and Tools - 27 July

Venue: Nimhans Convention Centre

Industry and Business - 28 July

Venue: Nimhans Convention Centre



Nimhans Convention Centre

Dairy Circle, Bangalore

The Nimhans Convention Centre is Bangalore’s best known venue for large tech events. The venue is on Marigowda Road, past the main Nimhans campus when you approach from Dairy Circle. View location in Google Maps.

The main event is on July 27-28 and is preceded by a data hacknight on July 14-15, free workshops on July 26 and a data meetup on July 7. The hacknight has two editions, in Bangalore at the Centre for Internet and Society, and in Pune at AmiWorks. The data workshops are hosted at The Energy & Resources Institute in Bangalore. The Chennai data meetup is at The Startup Centre.


HasGeek is a developer-led initiative, and has been re-organising the conference scene since 2010. HasGeek is an attempt to solve the problem of insipid conferences organised around buzzwords by uninterested, soulless corporate entities who pitch them as company training events or as places for companies to pick up hot developers.

We are attempting to build a new space, a space that is genuinely respectful of the communities and topics that we choose to engage with. We want to be a space for developers who are as excited as us about technology and the possibilities that it creates, not to be a recruitment fair (though we hope you do find partnership possibilities at our events).

We are community-driven — check out our speaker-selection funnel, where you decide what talks to listen to by voting up or down. There are just a handful of us running the show and are not in it for the money (not there is much left after paying the vendors and logistics providers). We are doing this because this is what we love: bringing a whole bunch of us geeks together, sharing our interests and expertise and hanging out later over $beverageOfChoice.